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3 Ways to increase your E-commerce customer service



The internet revolution has reached a milestone making people and businesses stay connected, and leading to a global market. Consumers are enjoying the simplicity of shopping online and reaching global brands for their desired products, allowing customers to do more research and compare brands to find their ideal product.

This influences the way customers connect with brands since they are only interacting with brands through the internet and eradicating the physical and traditional interaction with brands. When customers shop online, they are not only looking to buy products, they are looking for additional information that will help with a product guarantee, shipping deals, return policy, and a whole lot of common questions to reduce their uncertainties. Customer support can go a long way in improving your brand trust, customer loyalty, and overall brand reputation from the rise and popularity of social influence.

Here are 3 customer service/support practices:

  1. Offer multi-channel support services: Have multiple channels that enable your customers to choose from, including live chat, email, social media, personalised automated response, self-service, and offline support. Always state when your customer can get a response or how long before you usually reply.
  2. Ask for feedback: This ensures that your customers were satisfied with your support and were heard. Reviews also act as social proof for your brand.
  3. Consider the whole customer journey: Engage with your customers from their first point of contact until their last, don’t just consider their purchase stage. When done right, customers have an increased chance of converting. At the same time, businesses can take this opportunity to see their customer behaviour and how they navigate on their website and learn from real data to make better-informed decisions.

Customer service is the key to many successful brands. It also keeps your customers happy. It is one of the e-commerce trends to keep up with. Companies will need to build and maintain a customer service approach that will align with their brand, and ultimately exceed their customers’ expectations, build customer loyalty and allow them to experience your true brand presence.