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Black Friday trend and E-commerce

Before lockdown, less than 19% of South African consumers were shopping online, and that number increased to 30% when the country went into lockdown (Source: Salesforce Global Shopping Index). This showed a huge increase and demand for online shopping. South African retailers needed to adapt to modern technology.

With the growing Black Friday trend and the current global pandemic state, consumers are going to avoid physical stores and turn to online shopping. This global crisis has caused businesses to rethink their e-commerce strategy/opportunity.

Black Friday is one of the biggest trends in South Africa and customers all over the country are adapting to online shopping. Consumers now prefer to shop online to avoid those long queues, “limited stock" and headaches that come with physical/traditional shopping. Businesses have to respond to the distance between their access to products or services through digitising every process to stay ahead or afloat.

Businesses who will be tapping into online shopping can take advantage of their customer journey and ensure that they get to the purchase stage. Therefore, they need to capitalise on this online shift and take the opportunity to stand out from their competitors.

Here are three important ways e-commerce can increase your sales:

  • Convenience and customer acquisition: your customers do not have to leave their houses to purchase an item. You acquire new customers because of the convenience of avoiding crowds or missing on limited stock.
  • Customer rate optimisation: helps you understand what attracts your customers or see their pain/friction point and immediately act to retain them.
  • Eradicate distance through digitisation: with reference to the way your customers obtain your products/services, you are responding to change and easing the logistics for them.