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Wato Drive App

Terms and Conditions


  1. Register online by downloading Wato Drive App from Google Play.            
  2. You will need a valid email address and smartphone with your cellphone number.
  3. Upload your documents:
  • A valid driving permit
  • ID/ your passport / Assylum paper
  • Your profile photo
    1. You have to be a minimum of 19 years old.
    2. We will conduct a criminal background check at your own cost.
    3. We will let you know once your application is successful.


    1. We are operating in South Africa and are focusing on package delivery.
    2. Work according to your own timetable. We will send you a request for package delivery. The choice is on you to accept/reject the delivery. Remember, the more you deliver, the more you make money.
    3. We will not be held responsible in case of an accident. 


    1. Get paid once a week. (Weekly payment)
    2. You can keep track of the money you are making through Wato drive App.

    Terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.